Make $2,000.00 - $5,000.00 A Month
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Dear Friend:

If you are looking for a realistic and fast way of making huge sums of money, you've found it.

You can make $2,000 to $5,000 a month from your home, with very little or no investment. It is easy and it is fun to make this kind of money.

Best of all... the money starts rolling in quickly. You could be cashing your first check in as little as ten days!

This opportunity is helping thousands-upon-thousands of our people live the life they have always dreamed of... but never imagined possible.

This Is The Perfect Home Business.

Any man or woman can do this. Simply follow my amazingly simple, step-by-step instructions. It's fast and it's easy. You don't need any experience or an investment.
And, I promise that you will not have to risk one single dime to find out whether this is right for you.

Yes, it's true. Caring for pets is a very real, time-tested and proven opportunity. It is the answer to many pet owners heartfelt desire to give their pets the very best care possible while they are gone from home.

You can start Pet Sitting business very quickly and start raking in the money.


The market is exploding as the demand for this valuable and much appreciated service continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

In truth, it's one of the fastest and easiest businesses to start. You don't need any special skills or education to start this money making business.


In truth, it's one of the fastest and easiest businesses to start. The main skills you will need in pet sitting business are patience, time, and a lot of love.

You can work out of your home. And, you can schedule your new "job" around your own needs and the needs of your family. You will be able to schedule your appointments and shopping in with your daily duties... just like those rich corporate execs do. It will require almost no investment to get started. And no experience. We will tell you everything you need to know to get up and running easily and quickly.

Best of all, you will be doing something you enjoy... even love... and you will still be making a ton more money than do most of your fellow Americans stuck in the nine-to-five grind.

Just imagine the sense of freedom you will feel. Waking up each morning and knowing the day is your own. Working a schedule of your own choosing.

Imagine your sense of pride: Having your own successful business. Enjoying life's luxuries. Driving that shiny new sports car you've always dreamed of. Cruising around town on a sunny afternoon with the top down... the wind in your hair... feeling really, really good.

Imagine the fun. Walking into any restaurant you want. Ordering anything on the menu you desire... without having to look at prices. Being able to give your kids the best of everything... those expensive shoes they beg for... music lessons... a college education.

Imagine your sense of security:  Knowing that the fruits of all your hard work can't be taken away by a failing economy... or in the interest of greater corporate profit.

And, just imagine what a nice stream of money flowing through your life can do to stop stress and bring you fun and happiness. Stress is bad for your health. And bad for relationships too. You can trust me on that one! How about you? Do you have enough money rolling in to live life how it is meant to be lived... in comfort... with security and all the wonderful benefits a decent income can bring?

Can you be there for your children without sacrificing quality of life... or are you forced to go out and earn a paycheck just to make ends meet... barely... while your children are left to fend for themselves... or in the care of strangers?

Have you ever said to yourself, "If only I had the money and training to start my own business. Then I could be putting money into my own pocket, instead of my bosses'. Then, I could take charge of my own future and keep my family safe from an uncertain economy in these uncertain times."

Well, you won't need much cash to know the freedom and security of owning your own successful business. And you don't need experience, special skills, or training either.

For the past seven years, I have been helping good people, just like you, build fuller and richer lives, working out of their own home office. And, they are making excellent money doing it.

I know. It's hard to believe that the solution can be so simple. That you can make more money than you could have thought possible, working a flexible schedule, out of your own home.

But, unlike those something-for-nothing, "make-a-million-on-the-Internet-while-you sleep"... or other useless "get-rich-quick" schemes that flood your mailbox...

This is a very real opportunity to make really good money offering a much needed and appreciated service to your neighbors and community.

Just ask Patti Moran. She will tell you how a financial disaster turned out to be one of the greatest blessings in her life.

Back in 1993, Patti became the victim of corporate downsizing, losing her high-level management position with a major company.

Or as Patti puts it, "I was terminated."

Then, Patti ran into a girlfriend who had to go out of town on business, and was singing the blues about having to submit her "baby" to the unbelievable indignity of being placed in a kennel while she was gone.

Patti told her friend not to worry. Said she'd be happy to drop by her friend's house twice a day to feed the puppy, bring in mail and newspapers, and water the plants.

That's when the light bulb went on in Patti's head. How many other people out there could use this same kind of service?

To make a long story short, Patti began asking around, got herself organized, and started her hugely successful "Crazy 'Bout Critters" pet service.

Fortunately for Patti, she got it right. And, she has been making money, hand-over-fist, ever since. Within ten years, Patti was the CEO of her own pet-sitting company employing 41 sitters!

And, she was not the only pet-sitting pioneer to recognize the fast-growing need for pet-care services in clients' homes. Today, there are more than 3,000 pet-sitting businesses in the United States. Some are one-person enterprises. Others have grown to include employees.

But, whether you choose to go into pet sitting business  in a big way... like Patti did... or keep it small and comfortable... you can rest assured that demand for pet-care services in the U.S. is growing far faster than these animal-loving entrepreneurs can possibly keep up with.

And, unlike other pet-related services such as grooming or obedience training, you will need no special schooling or experience to get going and making money quickly.

That's what makes this such a wonderful and timely "now" opportunity for you.

Take my friend Rita, a divorced mom with two kids. She only accepts clients who live close to her home. She keeps it casual, working mostly while the children are in school. Yet, she still brings in twice what she'd make working at a bank or some other such job. And, that doesn't even take into account what she'd have to pay for after-school care for the young ones!

What makes pet sitting such a wonderful opportunity?

  •  Easy to get up and running quickly. No long wait for results.

  • No experience, special licensing, or training needed. (We'll walk you through it.)

  • No expensive wardrobe or uniforms required. (Although tee shirts, printed with your company name, are good advertising and fun to wear.)

  • No investment for location, fixtures, or equipment. Aside from your home office, everything happens in the client's own home.

  • Zero inventory investment.

  • No "glass ceiling" for women. In fact, this is a women-dominated industry, with more than nine-out-of-ten successful pet-sitting businesses owned by women. Men, are you up to the challenge?

  • Flexible Hours: You'll usually need to spend a block of time in the morning, and a block of time in the afternoon, caring for your wards in your client's home. (A perfect schedule for those with kids in school!)

  • Get paid to get healthy! Pet sitting is great exercise (especially the pet-walking part). You'll soon be burning the calories, shedding the pounds, and fitter than you've ever been.

  • This is a high-growth industry. According to Patti Moran, way more than half of all pet owners think of their pets as "children." A third give their pets gifts on holidays. Forty percent let a pet sleep with them. And, most pet owners say that they would go into debt or risk their lives to save a pet! For the many childless couples in the American workplace today, their pets are their children. Just ask. In fact, Americans spend more than thirty billion dollars a year on their animal friends.

  • This is a highly targeted market. It will be easy to identify and reach those who need your services. We'll show you how.

So... is providing pet care in client's homes really all about getting paid fat bucks for hanging out with cuddly critters?

Actually, it really is! Like any other real opportunity, there is work and responsibility involved. But, you will get to make your living hanging out with furry friends... maybe some scaly or feathered ones too.

And, most of the cuddly creatures placed in your care will be highly appreciative of your attention. Beyond that, you will enjoy a freedom you will never find at any nine-to-five job. (The pet sitters I know wouldn't trade their profession for anything.)

Best of all, getting up and running with your very own pet-sitting service will be easy.

All you will need to start is our ultra-complete, easy-to-follow, "how-to" guidebook, How To Start And Operate Your Own Pet Sitting Business.

It will walk you... step-by-step... through everything you need to do to get up and running (and making money) quickly. Plus, it covers every detail of how to do it right from day one... and even more importantly what not to do.

It takes all the trial-and-error out of going into this highly lucrative service business. After the first reading, you will feel like the professional you are becoming!

This powerful, time-tested and proven, model for success will give you the edge that will make the difference between success and failure. That will help you succeed from day one. That will help you avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes.

But don't take my word for it. Check this incredible guidebook out for yourself! Risk free!  Simply fill out the Access Form given below,  you will have the e-book,  How To Start And Operate A Profitable Pet Sitting Business.  right now.  Or if you would like a  CD Rom version I will be happy to ship it to you.

You'll have a full thirty days to look over the guidebook and decide whether this opportunity is right for you.

If not, simply ask, and I will promptly and cheerfully refund every single penny you paid. No hemming and hawing. No fine print. No bull. Guaranteed. All the risk is mine.

I cannot stress how important it is to take action now. Each of us deserves a better life. And we all need to protect ourselves, and those we love, from an uncertain future.

Pet care in clients' homes is not for everyone. But, if it is something you think may possibly be right for you, you absolutely owe it to yourself to check this incredible opportunity out.

I cannot think of one easier or quicker way to get up and running in your own moneymaking business without a lot of cash and experience.

This may be one of the most important investments you will ever make!

Think about it. For less than the cost of a night out at the movies, or a couple of visits to your favorite latte shop, you can make a better life for yourself and those you love for the rest of your days. That's true value!

Best of all, our outstanding 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee takes every bit of risk away from your finding out if this powerful opportunity is right for you!

Yes! You can bring a financial miracle into your life. Yes! You can have more time... more money... and all of the incredible benefits that a stress-free life can bring. The results are real and proven. So check it out!

How To Start And Operate A Profitable Pet Sitting Business is just what the title says... a proven, easy-to-follow model for success. In it, I will take you by the hand, and walk you through each and every step of starting and running your own pet sitting business. You will soon be bringing more money into your life than you ever thought possible.

And, this incredible resource is more than just a guidebook. How To Start And Operate Your Own Pet Sitting Business will also point your way to the best organizations out there that will offer you help and materials to make your business run more smoothly. We'll also show you how to get listed, without delay, in a national registry of pet-sitters. And so much more.

But the most important factor for you to consider is this:

How often does the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a fast-growing new business opportunity come along... without you having to risk the large cash investment that every other real business venture I have ever run across requires?

Could this truly be that financial "miracle" you have been waiting for?

Some, like myself, believe that there are no coincidences. That destiny has brought you to this place in time... and put this amazing offer in front of you today.

Now the choice is yours. Do you walk away from this phenomenal once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Or... do you join the growing list of entrepreneurial visionaries who are finding financial freedom and real solutions to life's challenges with this sweet little moneymaker?

There is but one way to find out. Accept our very special risk-free offer and fill out the access form below. Do it right now.   You will be glad you did!

All the best,

Greg Tyler
Greg Tyler

PS Please do not forget our incredible 30-day, full money-back guarantee.* If you decide that this incredible, money-making guidebook does not bring value to your life... far beyond its small cost... simply let me know, and every single penny you paid will be promptly and courteously refunded... no questions asked. You will find no stronger guarantee in the entire publishing industry. It takes all the risk away from you, and puts it back on me. That's how strongly I believe in the opportunity this powerful model for success offers.


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